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How to Crash Start Rhino from a Desktop or Start Menu Shortcut

Try starting Rhino in SafeMode:

SafeMode starts Rhino without using accelerated graphics and without loading plug-ins.

  1. On the Windows Start Menu, click the item Rhinoceros 5.0 in Safe Mode or Rhinoceros 5.0 (64-bit) in Safe Mode.
  2. Answer Yes to loading Toolbars, and No to loading the RDK plug-in.

If Rhino starts in SafeMode:

A problem may exist with a video driver. Try:

  1. On the Rhino Tools menu, click Options > View > OpenGL.
  2. Clear the Use accelerated hardware modes check box.
  3. Restart Rhino without using SafeMode.

If Rhino now starts:

The problem is likely your video card driver.
Go to Rhino Display Troubleshooting.

Is the problem solved?

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