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How to install Rhino 3 automatically; Details on what gets installed and where.

Note: This article is not for the current version of Rhino. Other versions of this article are available:

Installing Rhino

Automatic (scripted) installation for Rhino 3.0

See instructions at

Is it possible to get .msi files for the installers rather that .exe for deployment with Group Policy?
It would be great to update Service Releases install such as Penguin across our network.

We are moving over to .MSI installers for Rhino 4.0 and Flamingo 2.0, but Rhino 3.0 is not using them. [Pascal Golay - 2005-11-10]

What gets changed when I install Rhino 3.0 from CD?

The user chooses a base folder for the Rhino install. The main program files go into the System subfolder, the many plug-ins (*.rhp and supporting files) go in the Plug-ins subfolder, and for each language installed, a language folder (like English) is created, with subfolders Help, Getting Started, Environment Maps, Scripts, Sample Models and Tutorials.

Template and toolbar files are installed under …Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McNeel\Rhinoceros\3.0. The templates are different for each language, in separate folders.

Registry entries are made in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McNeel\Rhinoceros\3.0. Under the 3.0 key is a subkey for the date of Rhino, like 2004-04-21 where the entries for that date of Rhino are placed.

The key Plug-ins under the date key has subkeys like 12D31EFD-D3EE-4BCF-A856-D01320BB19F3, which is unique for each plug-in. This key and the keys and values in it trigger Rhino to load the plug-in when Rhino launches.

The key <locale_ID> (like 1033 for English) under the date contains the paths for finding the English language resources like Help.

A few entries are made in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\McNeel\Rhinoceros\3.0, and this is where Rhino saves its Options, mostly under the subkey Scheme: Default. For more on Schemes see the Help file. The HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\McNeel\Rhinoceros\3.0\Global Options key has a few settings that apply to all schemes.

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