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Tips for Using the Layout Tutorial in Rhino 6 & 7

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The Layout concept is identical in Rhinoceros 5 & Rhinoceros 6/7. However, there are a few minor changes in the interface that will help you use the Rhino 5 Layouts tutorial.

These are what you will need to navigate when using Rhino 6/7 and Rhino 5 layout tutorial.

  • To location the The Annotation scale setting, click the Tools menu, and Options.
  • In the Rhino Options dialog, under Document Properties, pick Annotation Style.
  • On the Annotation Style panel, Enable annotation space scale is here in Rhino 6/7.
  • Enable model space scale is optional in Rhino 6/7. To be compatible with Rhino 5, just keep it checked.
  • In Rhino 6/7, the Annotation style will control both the text and dimensions that are assigned to it. You can make a new style from a Template with the New button.
  • Use the radio button to select the current style.
  • Like other styles, all new dimensions and annotation text will be assigned to the current annotation style.

Is your annotation text very large when you open or import a model or DWG into Rhino 6/7?

The Enable layout space scale is likely check and should be unchecked. When unchecked, this setting will allow the model space test height to be displayed on the layout, instead of forcing the text to be displayed on the layout full size.

  • If Enable layout space scale is unchecked or disabled, the text is 6/7 units high, and the display scale on the detail is 1/24, then the text will be scaled to display 1/4 unit high on the layout.
  • If Enable layout space scale is checked or enabled, it will be the full 6/7 units high on the layout. This is very large on a layout that may be only 24×18. To solve this, uncheck Enable layout space scale.

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