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Rhino for Windows - Level 1 Certification Academic Exam

General information

  • Length: 102 questions total. (34 questions per test, 3 tests)
  • Time allowed: 1 hour each test, 3 tests, 3 hours total
  • Exam has 3 parts: Part A, Part B, Part C
    • The test must be taken in order. Passing Part A is required to take Part B. Passing Part B is required to take Part C.
  • Passing Score: 75%
  • Retakes: Two additional retakes will be allowed. (This means you will have 3 chances to pass the test. Even if you pass, you can retake to improve your score.)
  • Language: The test is currently available in English.
  • Academic Rhino Proctor (ARP) enters his/her credentials at the start of each test for each student or the student can be allowed to test remotely.

The primary source of questions for the Level 1 Exam is the Rhino Level 1 Training Guide.

During the test it is recommended you have:

  • Rhinoceros program open.
  • Rhino Help file opened
  • Either the Rhinoceros Level 1 Training Materials PDF or printed manual
  • A dual monitor configuration is helpful

Check your system resources:

  • Too many programs running and too little available memory may cause the test to malfunction.
  • For successful testing, keep open only the applications needed for testing.


If you have problems, let us know as soon as possible. Contact Mary Fugier at

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Rhino Level 1 - Academic Certification Exam overview

This exam will certify that the tester has demonstrated proficiency in the Rhino Level 1 training materials.

  • Questions are taken from the Rhino Level 1 Manual and Rhino Help File. Prepare for the exam by going over materials in Level 1 Training Guide and reference commands covered in the Level 1 Training in the Help file. Also see Study Guide below.
  • There are multiple choice and true/false questions.
  • Some questions include answers like “None of Options” and “All the Options”.
  • Use Bookmark feature to mark questions for review before submitting your test for grading.
  • provides the test hosting.
  • Testing System Guide has details the requirements of testing system. (Site login required.)
  • You will receive a PDF Certificate by email immediately after the test is complete and graded.

Study guide

Purchase Annual Academic Rhino Proctor Subscription (ARP)

You will first need to be an Academic Rhino Proctor. As a ARP, you can offer the test as part of your curriculum and program. Please contact Mary Fugier for more information.

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