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How do I find all copies of Rhino for Mac on my computer?

Answer: Run TestFindAllRhinoApps in Rhino for Mac…read on for more info.


macOS makes it easy to manage and run multiple version of a single application. The best practice is to keep all your applications in the /Applications folder, but - because macOS applications are shipped as “Application Bundles” - you can easily rename or move these bundles around. Sometimes, for testing purposes, you might move or rename these applications. If you are running Rhino for Mac, especially alongside the RhinoWIP for Mac, or testing multiple versions of Rhino for Mac, you might lose track of where all these applications are or which are out-of-date. This can cause some unexpected behavior from time to time.


Rhino for Mac includes a hidden (“Test”) command that you can use to find all instance of the Rhinoceros application on your computer and decide what to do: TestFindAllRhinoApps:

You can easily navigate to those installed applications selecting them and clicking on the “Show in Finder” button. If you see one that you know should not be installed, just select it and click on “Move to Trash.”

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