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Overlapping surfaces

Summary: Radii used in FilletEdge can not be so large that they overlap each other and completely consume any surface they are following. This tutorial shows what to do when the surfaces overlap.

Original polysurface. The red arrows show the two edges that need filleted. They are close enough together that the surfaces you will create will overlap.

Use FilletEdge to fillet the two edges with a 5mm radius. Notice how the surfaces overlap. Also, one of the other surfaces was lost in the FilletEdge process.

Zoom in on the two new overlapping fillet surfaces and Extract them from the polysurface.

Zoom in closer to see the overlapping corners of the fillet surfaces.

Use the Intersect command to see the intersection curve shared by the two surfaces.

Using the intersection curve, Trim away the small surface corners that extend beyond the curve.

Finished polysurface. Join the surfaces to the polysurface. Use Cap to replace the missing surface.

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