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Rhino 5: License manager initialization failed with error -200 or -300

Rhino 5 displays this error and will not run:



  1. Uninstall the four Rhino 5 program components using Windows Control Panel:
    1. Rhinoceros 5
    2. Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)
    3. Rhinoceros 5 Help Media
    4. Rhinoceros 5 Language Pack Installer
  2. Run Windows Check for Updates to make sure all Windows Updates have been installed
  3. Download and install the latest full version of Rhino 5 from

Another user reported having the same error even after reinstalling Rhino, but running a “Repair” on the 64-bit Rhino in Programs and Features corrected the error for her.

SupportBee tickets: 9679912, 9525401, 9518774, 15173831, 15377325

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