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Tips for using Rhino and Visual Mill together

Note: To avoid confusion, please note that the plug-in mentioned below is not the same as the RhinoCAM and RhinoCAM Pro plug-ins which are actually Visual Mill Basic and Pro running inside Rhino and which must be purchased from MecSoft. The item mentioned below pre-dates these last but is apparently still available. The similarity of names is rather unfortunate in this case, but there you are… –Mitch

RhinoCAM Plug-in:

The RhinoCAM plug-in serves as a data bridge between Rhino 3.0 and Visual Mill 5.0 allowing seamless design data transfers from Rhino into Visual Mill. This product allows both the Rhino and Visual Mill products to be up and running simultaneously and facilitates data transfer between them thereby creating for the user a true CAD/CAM environment.

To run the plug-in you will have to have Rhino 3.0 installed on your computer. Once you install the plug-in, a RhinoCAM menu bar entry will automatically be inserted into the Rhino 3.0 menu bar to allow access to the functions that transfer data to Visual Mill 5.0.

This Plug-in can be downloaded here

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