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Rhino Tech Support and Training Guidelines

With the typical call load, Rhino techs do not have the capacity to train on the technical support line. Here are a few details:

  • Tech Support is not in place to provide training.
  • Tech support is for installs, licensing, performance and related issues.
  • Tech support can also answer specific questions about commands.
  • Training is not included with the price of the software. Our software is priced competitively especially for all the features that Rhino has. Those that require training may purchase it or work through the free tutorials available online.
  • The training guides are not tutorials. They are designed to be used with instructor-lead training.
  • You may find training courses on our site here. The current classes listed are offered by our Authorized Rhino Training Centers as well as our McNeel offices (McNeel Seattle and McNeel Miami).
  • In addition to the training guides, there are many free tutorials on Vimeo and YouTube.

Here are the links to the latest Rhino 6 Training Guides. They are improved with each release. And if you think you have found a bug, you may email me. I will get it logged to be reviewed and possibly fixed.

Again, you are welcome to use the training guides as tutorials but you are on your own. Tech support will not be able to assist you. However, Rhino support forum is an excellent place to ask questions.

Our software is 100% guaranteed. If you're not completely satisfied with Rhino, you may return for a full refund to where you originally bought the software. If you purchased directly from us, please email Jody Mills in Marketing She can assist you if you choose to return the software.

If you have any additional questions about tech support or training, please email: Mary Ann Fugier

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