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Designing Jewelry for Manufacturing with Rhino 6

Presenter: Gary Dawson, Gary Dawson Designs

Designing Jewelry for Manufacturing with Rhino 6
Gary Dawson of Gary Dawson Designs shows how to design and model a ring in Rhino 6 for Windows while maintaining a manufacturing consciousnesses. Rhino tips and tricks will be covered throughout the presentation. To watch full screen, click: Designing Jewelry for Manufacturing with Rhino 6


This is a video is of a live technical presentation by ART Gary Dawson. Gary shows you how to use Rhino 6 for jewelry design with the focus on manufacturing.

Gary strives to bring “manufacturing consciousness” into digital design in the jewelry industry. He brilliantly infuses manufacturability to his Rhino instruction.

Target Audience

This video is for anyone considering using Rhino for jewelry design. The first part of the presentation, Gary will share details about his work, and then move into a live presentation using Rhino 6 to design a ring. Tips and ticks for using Rhino will be highlighted along the way.


Learn how a well-designed jewelry piece will have both aesthetic and structural integrity, and those things start with the very first curve you make when using Rhino for digital design.

About the Presenter

  • Gary Dawson is owner of Gary Dawson Designs, an online custom design operation.
  • Dawson has nearly 45 years experience in creating designs that capture the personalities and stories of his customers.
  • He is a frequent contributor to MJSA Journal, a founding member of the Council of Custom Jewelers, and a designated “Mentor Jeweler”.
  • His web site Rhino CAD Jewelry Design is a portal for 3D design “tips and tricks” as well, as other learning resources.
  • Gary is also a McNeel Authorized Rhino Trainer and uses the latest version of Rhino, Rhino 6 for Windows in his presentations and training sessions.
  • He has delivered seminars and presentations at numerous events, including AGTA GemFair, Portland Jewelry Symposium, and the Santa Fe Symposium on Jewelry Manufacturing Technology.” ~Jewellery Business Magazine.


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