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License Manager Updates for Rhino 5 SR6

Product: Zoo
Summary: Discusses Rhino 5 and Zoo 5 changes found in Service Release 6.


With the release of Rhino 5, a new and improved version of the network license manager, Zoo 5, was also released.

Bongo, Brazil, Flamingo, and Penguin do not support Zoo 5 prior to Service Release 6 (SR6).

With both Rhino 5 SR6 and Zoo 5 SR6 installed, you can now use a single Zoo 5 server to float the following product licenses:

  • Bongo 2.0
  • Brazil 2.0
  • Flamingo nXt
  • Penguin 2.0
  • Rhino 5

Note, the following products will not work with Zoo 5 SR6:

  • Bongo 1.0
  • Flamingo 1.0
  • Flamingo 1.1
  • Flamingo 2.0
  • Penguin 1.0
  • Penguin 1.1
  • Rhino 4.0

More information

Rhino 5 SR6 includes a new license manager client (RhinoLM5). This replaces the old license manager client (RhinoLM).

When a supported McNeel plug-in product needs a license from a Zoo server, RhinoLM5 checks to see if the system is configured to use a Zoo 5 server. If configured, RhinoLM5 attempts to obtain a license from the Zoo 5 server. If no license was obtained from the Zoo 5 server, or if the Zoo 5 server was not found, then RhinoLM5 tries to obtain a license from the Zoo 4.0 server.

Technical support

Rhino and McNeel plug-in products use a license manager client to communicate with Zoo servers.

The file name of the license manager client used to access Zoo 4.0 servers is RhinoLM.exe, and it is installed in the following folder:

%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Common Files\McNeel Shared\License Manager

The file name of the new license manager client file, included with Rhino 5 SR6, is RhinoLM5.exe, and it is installed in the same folder.

If you need to revert back to the old license manager, you can run RegRhinoLM4.exe, which is found in the same folder.

If you need to re-register the new license manager, you can run RegRhinoLM5.exe. For example, if you install Rhino 5 SR5 and then you install Flamingo nXt, then you will need to run RegRhinoLM5.exe, as the Flamingo nXt installer will always register the old license manager.

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