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Upgrading a Zoo Server

Product: Zoo
Summary: Discusses the process of upgrading a Zoo server.


Our Zoo server is running an older version of Zoo 5, and we would like to upgrade it to Zoo 6 in order to take advantage of the additional supported license types. Is there anything special we need to do before upgrading to the new version? Many of our users have checked out licenses. Do they need to check them back in before upgrading?


Zoo 6 is an in-place upgrade to Zoo 5. That is, once Zoo 6 is installed, Zoo 5 will no longer exist.

The installation of Zoo 6 only replaces the Zoo application - it will not affect any licenses you already have added. And, installing Zoo 6 will not affect any users who are running Rhino at the time.

So, it is safe to install Zoo 6 at almost any time. The installation takes all of about 15 seconds. However, to be safe, do it at a time that users are not using their Rhino software.

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