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Rhino in Education page Join the community.

Rhino 5 Curriculum guide … Writing now and into the summer. Send your comments, wants, needs.

Teacher Projects ..Send a model, project, tutorial, Link, or other classroom ideas and I'll post them here. Email: Bob Koll

*Teacher: Cory Torpa, Kelso High School A Page Layout template and tutorial

*Teacher: Paul Clement, Bellingham High School, Tyler Tse Rubik Cube animation

*Teacher: Wayne Ward, Bethel High School, Rhino CNC Inlay

*Teacher: Kevin Grayum, Jackson High School, Nutcracker Directions

*Teacher: Wayne Biley, Gleneagle Secondary, Gleneagle Student Work at the Rhino Gallery

*Teachers: Allan Hastings and Vicky Borchers, Kansas State University, Interior Architecture and Product Design

* Teacher: Milo Dullum. Lake Washington High School, Protractor for Laser Engraver and Pi- Tape using math, paper, scissors

* Teacher: Dave Weidkamp, Lynden High School To place a bitmap for tracing Note: Try the PictureFrame command instead.

*Teacher: Gordon, Hudson Bay High School, Pumpkin model with notes and Jack O'lantern Design Problem in the Curriculum Guide

* Teacher: Jennifer Styer, Sehome High School, Rubrics for Rhino Curriculum Guide Design projects:

* Teacher: Judson Swets, Sehome High School Mathematics, Rhino Canoe video

*Teacher: John Niebergall, Sherwood High School, Sherwood Rhino3d Gallery

*Teacher: Nancy Cheng, University of Oregon, School of Architecture, Lighting & Rendering Powerpoint

*Teachers: Jeana Ripple & Nataly Gattegno, University of Virginia, School of Architecture

*Teacher: Jen Maigret, Washington University in St. Louis, Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts

Lab Tips, Tricks, Projects

Table Lamp Project for Laser Engraver This tutorial will work as a scroll-saw or cnc milling project also. Instructions are in 'Notes'.

Wheel model from jpgs The two jpg files are included as well as instructions in 'Notes'. Use PictureFrame command rather than Background Bitmap command.

Two Rhino Templates for High School design/drafting classes v4 A one page Word document about making Page Layouts for a high school archihtecture class.

A template for an architectural model including a 11 x 8.5 page layout.

A template for a mechanical part including a 11 x 8.5 page layout. (File, notes contains some instructions for using this template.)

Open the models and 'Save As Template'. Name them as you wish. When you change the template remember to 'Save As Template' so your changes become part of the template.

PageLayout tutorial v4 This tutorial contains a word document and a Rhino model; a work in progress. Edit as needed to meet your needs.

Large Projects with Repeated Parts Create blocks of the parts. Insert them when needed. And, as a rule, Save Small. Ferndale HS student created a 309meg model. After Save Small it was 201megs. After creating 'blocks' of the repeated parts, the file size went to 45megs. As a rule, encourage your students to 'Save Small' to reduce file sizes on your server.

Teacher Workshops

Current Schedule Contact Jody Mills to sign up or to host a workshop.

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