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Preparing for 3D Printing

The terms 3D printing and Rapid Prototyping (RP) are terms that covers a variety of processes which are aimed at quickly creating physical parts from 3D computer models using computer controlled machines. This article concentrates on preparing models for the 3D printing process.

For more information on Rapid Prototyping technologies, go to this page: Rapid Prototyping Process

Preparing Files For 3d Printing With Rhino V5 by D2W

This free Rhino to STL guide has been written by Bart from D2W to explain how to get 3D printable data by using Rhino. D2W is the 3D printing, CAD design, and 3D scanning bureau in central London that uses Rhino extensively in its work flow. Here is a PDF of the guide.

Preparing for 3D Printing with Kyle Houchens

3d printingWhether you are printing your own design, or trying to prepare someone else's model for printing, Kyle's techniques will help you get the model printed as soon as possible. This extensive 9-part series covers issues from model basics to selecting a printing service. Go to video series.

Best Practices for Rhino to 3D Printing

Fathom PrintingIn order to get the best quality 3D prints from Rhino CAD models it is important to be familiar with the parameters that effect modeling and STL file creation. This PDF document covers those primary factors: wall thickness, mesh settings, and multiple shells/nested parts. This is directly from the experts at Fathom 3D Printing service.

Model Prep for 3D Printing by Willamette University

Here are a short set of (PDF) instructions from Willamette University for preparing a 3D part out of Rhino for printing.

Mesh FAQ

Mesh SettingsA very important brief overview of Rhino's custom meshing settings and how they work. Understanding Rhino's mesh settings is important to get the most out of Rhino.

Understanding the Mesh by Hydraulic Design

Hydraulic Mesh SettingsA fun document on the key concepts for Rhino's render mesh settings.

An Overview of 3D Printing Technology by RedEye

RedeyeOverview of 3D printing technologies invented by Redeye's parent company, Stratasys.

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