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Summary: Labs plug-in to display the results of analysis in Rhino.
Updated: August 14, 2013



The AnalysisTools plug-in is designed to import your analysis data into Rhino for visual inspection using false color analysis. The plug-in can be used to read in result files from various analysis software to aid in further refinement of the model. The resulting analysis mesh in Rhino can be used to see 3D falsecolor plots of velocity, pressure, solar radiance, etc…

labsanalysistools.jpg mig-29_analysis.jpg


  1. Download the plug-in. File is in Rhino Installer file (.RHI) form.
  2. Double-click in the file to launch the Rhino Installer and install the plug-in.


  1. Import your analysis data into Rhino using the Open or import command. The AnalysisTools plug-in will import the following data types in the Open dialog box:
    1. Tecplot (structured) files (*.tp)
    2. Rhino Analysis Mesh files (*.ram)
  2. View the analysis data by setting a viewport's display mode to either shaded or rendered.
  3. To adjust the color range by using the AnalyzeMesh command.


  • The results can be printed, put into page layouts or exported to other formats.



In addition to supporting the above file formats, the AnalysisTools plug-in also supports RhinoScript. Thus, if your analysis data is in some other file format, you can write a script, using RhinoScript, to read your files and create analysis meshes. The RhinoScript-callable methods are documented in the TestAnalysisTools.pdf file included with the download.

Download and Feedback

Download Plug-in Here!

E-mail the developer with your questions and feedback on this plug-in.

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