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Display Troubleshooting: Intel Cards

The Intel HD series graphics cards series has been among the worst performing cards we've seen.

  • Some Rhino Advanced Display features appear to work on the 5000 series, but earlier models have inadequate support for Rhino's display features.
  • If Rhino detects a graphics card that is not capable of working well, the OpenGL option, Advanced hardware acceleration, will automatically turn off. To check this, on the Tools menu, click Options, then View, and then OpenGL.
  • You should still be able to model, but added graphics features such as shadows in the Rendered Display mode, texture display, and anti-aliasing of wireframes will not be available.
  • Some computers are supplied with Intel drivers that have been “customized” by the laptop maker. You may be blocked when attempting update the drivers with newer ones from the Intel Web site. To get around this limitation, use the Windows Device Manager to uninstall the adapter after checking the box to delete the software for the device. The adapter then disappears from Device Manager but will reappear after a “Scan for hardware changes”. The new driver can then be installed manually through Device Manager.

Is the problem solved?

  • Yes. Yay!
  • No. Copy and paste the following text into an email to
I followed the steps in the Video Troubleshooting wizard and determined that my computer has an Intel graphics system. Use accelerated hardware modes is turned off, but Rhino still has display problems.

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