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Academic Rhino Proctor


An Academic Rhino Proctor (ARP) is:

  • A state certified teacher in a state-accredited educational institution (with an official school email) with a valid Rhino 5 or 6 Lab License.

The ARP administers the Rhino Academic Certification Exams to students.

  • The ARP certifies the results and testing environment for compliance with all testing site requirements and procedures.
  • The ARP unlocks academic tests for students and the proctor name is displayed on the student's certificate.

To become an Academic Rhino Proctor, please download this PDF form and email Mary Fugier or fax to 206 545-7321.

How to purchase testing

You need an annual Academic Rhino Proctor Membership. The membership gives you access to the testing system as a proctor for one year.

  • Up to 300 tests. (Pretests, practice tests, and exams.)
  • Option to purchase additional tests.
  • US$285 per academic year

The Rhino Proctor Membership gives you access to:

  • Computerized tests with immediate scoring
  • Test summary followup

The Rhino testing program contains:

  • Practice Test (10 questions) to test learning system
  • Pretest of Level 1 Exam (40 questions) to measure initial knowledge at start of term
  • One Level Final Exam (contains three tests: Part A, Part B, & Part C)
  • Student gets a personalized certificate
  • Test can be offered over three class periods
  • Each test allows two additional retakes with in 90 days.
  • Students with passing scores may also retake twice for a better score

To get started

  1. Fill out the Academic Rhino Proctor application and send it to Mary Fugier, or fax 206 545-7321.
  2. When you are approved, you may purchase the Academic Rhino Proctor Membership from Jody Mills. We accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and school district purchase orders (US only).
  3. You will then be set up on the testing system. You will be able to add students to the system and schedule them to take the tests, as well as check progress and test scores.

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