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ART Video Tutorial & General FAQ

Approved ART Final Projects

Final Project Requirements for ART Candidates

ART (Authorized Rhino Trainer) candidates are required to submit a video, 5-10 minutes in duration or 5+ page tutorial on Rhino or a Rhino plug-in. Below are the some examples and recommendations.

Here are some very good examples, to help you to plan your final ART project:

Video Technical Requirements:

  • Resolution: 720p HD Video 16:9 aspect ratio,
  • Bit rates: 720p 5,000 – 10,000
  • Frame rates: Vimeo recommends uploading with frame rates of 24 (or 23.976), 25, and 30 (or 29.97).
  • Codec: Codec: H.264

General Considerations:

  • The video review process will take about 30 days.
  • Be prepared to redo your video at least twice, We will give you recommendations and will ask that you makes the changes/additions that we request and resubmit. We could go back and forth with you 2-3 times until the video is tuned up. This will hopefully be an informative process for you.
  • Before you start, close any toolbars from plug-ins that you will not be using. Set the interface as close to the default as possible.
  • Be concise.
  • Make sure your presentation stays focused on the lesson you have designed. Mention, if needed, but avoid getting side-tracked by, the details of the user interface if they are not specific to the task at hand. It's usually OK to assume some basic knowledge of how Rhino works on the part of the viewer.
  • Before you publish or submit a training video watch your video carefully, as a new user - ask yourself if the material is conveyed clearly and completely and with a minimum of fuss.
  • Locate and start commands on the Menus. This is better for the viewer than typing and the Toolbars. You can point out the command that is being started by name on the Command line.
  • And, be concise.

ART candidates:

Please DropBox the video or tutorial to Pascal Golay. We will review it and send back any corrections. Please make corrections and resubmit. Repeat until the video is tuned up and officially accepted as your ART project.

Additional Information

The ART requirement of McNeel Level 1 & 2 training is designed to teach you to teach Rhino, not learn it. You should already know Rhino very well and be looking to support and teach Rhino.

On-Demand will help you prepare for the class, but it will not fulfill the Level 1 or Level 2 requirement. Level 1 and Level 2 can be taken on a no charge space available basis in the Seattle, Miami, or regional McNeel offices.

Evaluation During Rhino Level 2 In this final Level 2 in our classroom, you are evaluated for Rhino skills and knowledge. Some ARTs do not pass and have to take the class a second time. Another option is to prepare by doing the Level 2 online before coming to Seattle.

McNeel Regions Your McNeel Regional Office may have special requirements for your ART. Please contact your region and inquiry about any special requirements or restrictions. Find the contact in your McNeel Regional Office here.

After Project Approval … Apply! It generally take 6-12 month for users to get all the ART requirements done. Once you meet all the requirements, please send us this form. Please email Mary Fugier with any additional questions. Thanks for considering becoming an ART.


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