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Authorized Rhino Training Center - Testing Bundles

North American and Latin America Regions only.


North American Mary Ann Fugier. Latin American Jackie Nasser.

  • Certification Exams: Rhino Level 1 & 2 Specialist
  • 10 Single Exams (Level 1 or Level 2) for $650 US (30% discount off individual purchase)
  • Your testing administrator is entered in the testing system.
  • Your testing administrator creates student accounts, invites students to the testing, and is able to see his students scores.
  • Level 1 & Level 2 tests allow two retakes at no additional cost.
  • The Practice and Pretests are no charge.
  • Testing is only offered in English only.
  • The test system keeps track of tests taken.

For example, if the ARTC purchases 2 bundles that is 20 points. And each test Level 1 or Level 2 counts as 1 point. If they purchase more bundles, we add the additional points to your account.

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