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Becoming an Authorized Rhino Trainer (ART)

Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina + Latin America


  • Two years minimum Rhino modeling experience.
  • You own an up-to-date Rhino license.
  • Familiarity with the Rhino Level 1 and 2 training guides.
  • Produced a video or written Rhino tutorial. See examples...
  • Attend the Training for new ARTs. Instruction provided McNeel staff trainers.
    • Five - 4 hour session online course 9AM-1PM Pacific Time - Seattle.
    • Attendance required.
    • Submit class homework and assignments for review by instructor. Provide corrections, if requested.
    • Submit to instructor video link or file of how you would teach Level 2 The Scoop or The Dash exercise. Provide corrections, if requested.

The next ART Candidates Required Training course will be presented online by McNeel Corporate office (Seattle) and McNeel LA (Miami). Register here. This training is offered typically twice a year. Contact Jackie Nasser with any questions. Cost: $295.


Once you meet all the requirements, please send us this form. After reviewing and approval of your application, we will send you an “Authorized Rhino Trainer” certificate and:

  • We will give you access to the Rhino Training page to add your courses.
  • You can provide training at an Authorized Rhino Training Center.
  • You can offer custom training. Your details will be posted on the Rhino On-Site Training web page.


Jackie Nasser
McNeel Miami
Tel. 305-513-4445

Becoming an Authorized Rhino Training Center (ARTC)

Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina + Latin America


  • Be a school, college, university, training academy or Rhino reseller.
  • Have an Authorized Rhino Trainer available.
  • Have a Rhino training web page.
  • Provide scheduled training to commercial users.
  • Offer free space available training to teachers and students.
  • Own an up-to-date Rhino lab license.
  • If offering one of McNeel's official courses based on the Level 1, Level 2 or AEC training guides, you agree to respect the minimum number of hours stated in those guides (24 hours).
  • You can offer your own customized courses.


Fill out this application. We will review it and get back to you within 5-10 business days.

Once you have been approved,

  • You can log-on and post your Rhino class schedule to the site.
  • Your details and training schedule will be automatically posted on the Rhino Training website.
  • Your Rhino training schedule will be announced in the Rhino Training News emails.
  • Purchase Certified User Testing at a 70% savings with ARTC Testing Bundles.

Questions: Jackie Nasser
McNeel Miami
Tel. 305-513-4445

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