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Diagnosing Rhino Startup Errors

If Rhino fails to start or crashes while starting on your computer, here are some things you can do to understand what is happening on your computer and fix the problem.

Rhino 6 (and later)

The same process works for Rhino 7 – just replace “6.0” with “7.0” in the registry key.
  1. Open the Registry Editor (From the Start menu in Windows, type regedit, then press Enter).
  2. In the registry, under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\Global Options\Debug Logging
  3. Create REG_DWORD (32) value named Enabled (if it doesn't already exist)
  4. Set Enabled to 1
  5. Create REG_DWORD (32) value named SaveToFile (if it doesn't already exist)
  6. Set SaveToFile to 1
  7. Start Rhino 6 using the shortcut, not by clicking on a data file.
  8. Send the RhinoDebugMessages.txt in your Documents folder to
Rhino 5
Rhino won't start when double-clicking or dragging and dropping a file
  • Double-click a Rhino shortcut on your desktop, or click a Rhino item in your Start menu.
  • If Rhino starts:
    • Open the file from the File menu > Open or the Open toolbar button. If the file won't open, the problem is probably with the file. Try the Audit3dmFile command on the file.
Rhino won't start from a desktop or Start menu shortcut
  • Start in SafeMode.
    • SafeMode starts Rhino without using accelerated graphics and without loading plug-ins.
    • On the Windows Start Menu, click the item Rhinoceros 5.0 in Safe Mode or Rhinoceros 5.0 (64-bit) in Safe Mode.
      • Answer Yes to loading Toolbars and No to loading RDK.
  • If Rhino starts in SafeMode, there is likely a problem with a video driver or a plug-in.
    • In the Rhino menu: Tools - Options - View - OpenGL, uncheck the box at the top labeled Use accelerated hardware modes.
    • Close Rhino and start normally (not using SafeMode).
  • If Rhino still crashes after disabling hardware acceleration, the problem may be a plug-in.
    • Restart in SafeMode, and check the box Use accelerated hardware modes.
    • In the Rhino menu Tools - Options - Plug-ins, uncheck the Enabled box for all of the plug-ins that did not ship with Rhino, and check the box Ask to load disabled plug-ins at the bottom.
    • Close Rhino and start normally (not using SafeMode).
      • Answer No to loading all of the plug-ins you disabled.
  • If Rhino starts with some plug-ins disabled, the problem is one of the disabled plug-ins.
    • Restart Rhino normally and answer Yes to loading one plug-in at a time and No to the rest until you determine which one causes the problem.
    • When you have determined which plug-in causes a problem, go back to Tools - Options - Plug-ins and check the Enabled box for all of the plug-ins that don't cause a problem.
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