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Validating Rhino Offline

There are two reasons to do this: Either your computer is not attached to the internet. Or you have a computer that can not resolve to the Rhino validation server because of firewall or other blocking program or configuration.

To test access to the validation server, use this link. You should see a page that the site is not for humans. If you can't reach that page, you are blocked, probably by a local firewall.

Rhino licenses must be validated before they can be used. For offline computers, you can perform license validation offline.

  1. When you launch Rhino, you will be notified that Rhino is unable to connect to the validation server.
  2. Click the button “Get Validation Code Manually”.
  3. The following dialog box will appear.
  4. Write down the License Key, Device Name, and Device ID information that is presented.
  5. Go to a system with Internet access.
  6. In a web browser, go to
  7. Enter your email address, Rhino license key, Device Name, and Device ID information into the form.
  8. If upgrading, you will also enter a license key for a previous version of Rhino.
  9. Your validation code will be displayed. Print or save it to a text file. This code needs to be used within 24-hours of generating it.
  10. Return to the offline system and pick Continue button.
  11. Enter your validation code in the Validation Wizard and click Next.

Rhino will now be successfully validated offline.

Note: For network-wide deployment and using an offline LAN Zoo, the necessary data is presented when you try to add a license to that Zoo. For a Zoo-specific write-up of the preceding instructions, see

Help Files

The Rhino 6 help system is online. In order to use it offline:

  1. Run the installer, making sure to select For All Users during the install process.
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