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The Installer Unzips But Nothing Happens

Summary: What to do if you download Rhino and nothing happens after that.
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The installer unzips but nothing happens after that.


This problem is caused by Microsoft PCA (Program compatibility assistant), perhaps because an earlier attempt to install Rhino was cancelled.


  1. Restart Windows.
  2. Open the file Explorer and browse to the downloaded executable file, and select it.
  3. Press and hold Shift.
  4. Right-click on the executable, then run it.
  5. A small dialog asking for a language will come up.
  6. Let up the Shift key.
  7. Choose English and continue.

Note: You may also get a message that you are trying install Rhino on an unsupported operating system. The fix for this problem is in the Unsupported Windows article.

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