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Rhino 4 on Windows 10

Rhino 4 was written for Windows XP, and is not supported in Windows Vista or newer.

If you try to run Rhino 4 in newer versions of Windows, you'll encounter these problems:

Limitations and Requirements

  • Memory: Your 64-bit computer has 16GB of RAM or more. Rhino 4 is a 32-bit application and only has access to 4GB of RAM. Rhino 4 cannot support large models like newer versions of Rhino.
  • User Account Control: Rhino 4 was released before Microsoft added User Account Control to Windows. Rhino 4 must run in Windows XP SP3 Compatibility Mode. Doing so allows Rhino to save changes to your toolbars and settings it closes. Windows Compatibility mode settings are part of the Desktop shortcut properties.
  • Low resolution: Your computer probably supports high resolution and high-DPI screens. You must configure Windows to run at a low screen resolution (like 1024 x 768). If you don't, some of Rhino's user interface - like the Layer panel - will be blank, and Rhino's toolbar icons will be too small to read.

Consider trying Rhino 8

Rhino 8 has new features and capabilities, and will take advantage of the features of your 64-bit Windows computer.

Try Rhino 8 free for 90 days.

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