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Why did my 90-day Rhino evaluation stop saving after only 30 days? (Rhino for Mac)


Rhino for Mac reports it can not Save or Export after only 30 days.


Rhino licenses must be Validated and Rhino restarted within the 30-day Validation grace period. If Validation and restarting is postponed more than 30 days, Rhino will temporarily lose the ability to Save or Export.

  1. Run the ValidateLicense command
  2. Complete the steps
  3. If you are running Mac Rhino 5.2.2 or older, you must Quit Rhino (Cmd+Q) and restart Rhino before saving is restored. Mac Rhino 5.2.3 and newer will allow you to save immediately after completing license validation.
File Save and Export functionality will be restored for the duration of the 90-day evaluation
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