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Are there Service Releases or Updates on the way?

Summary: Covers the planned timeline for updates to Rhino 5 for Mac

Rhino 5 for Mac updates include both bug fixes as well as new features. When comparing Rhino 5 for Mac and Rhino 5 for Windows, you will notice that Rhino 5 for Mac lacks some of the features of Rhino 5 for Windows. Some commands, while not included in the initial release, we would like to add in subsequent updates if feasible. Those who have purchased Rhino 5 for Mac will receive these updates at no additional cost.

Update timeline for Rhino 5 for Mac release cycle

We are currently exploring adding Animation Tools during the Rhino 5 for Mac release cycle. We do not currently know if this will be feasible. Worksessions will not be added to Rhino 5 for Mac.

We do not currently know how many future service releases/updates for the 5.x product there will be.

We do not currently have a timeline for adding Grasshopper to Rhino 5 for Mac. There is currently an early version in beta that can be run inside the RhinoWIP using the ExplicitHistory command.

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