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Wacom tablet info and issues

Why does my Wacom tablet not work correctly? Users of Rhino 4/5 who have Wacom tablets often have the following observations:

  1. Viewport panning/zooming/rotating stops working at the border of a view, unlike with the mouse.
  2. Viewport panning/zooming/rotating across the border of a view sends the view off to infinity.

The Wacom tablet must be set to mouse mode, not pen mode. Note, this was also required with earlier versions of Rhino. But, the difference between V4/V5 and earlier versions is that it wraps the cursor around the active viewport(earlier versions wrapped the cursor around the entire monitor). Thus you notice the effects describe above quicker.

Note: Rhino 5 has a new option (Tools > Options > View> Viewport properties: Wrap cursor at viewport borders) that allows you to enable/disable wrapping cursor around the active viewport.

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