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A list of in-depth discussions on a variety of technical tasks

Tolerances, tolerances, tolerances...
What do all those numbers mean? How should I set them in Rhino?

Introduction to Layouts PDF and Tutorial
What are layouts? What are they used for? How do you set up a layout?

Troubleshooting IGES files
A step-by-step solution for cleaning up IGES files.

Meshing problems, information, tips and techniques
One of the most frequently asked questions on the newsgroup: Why doesn't my shaded model look correct when I was so careful in modeling it? Things look “jagged”! What happened to my nice smooth surfaces?

This is most likely nothing more than your render (display) mesh settings, and it's easy to fix. Here is the place to look for the solution to your problem and for lots more information on meshing and custom mesh settings, including meshing models for export.

Advance Display Modes in Rhino 5
Rhino 5 now has many more advanced display options that can be configured to create more advanced, realtime display modes. These additional display options include , shadows, edge thickness by type and lighting control.

Using RIB renderers with Rhinoceros™
There are many rendering programs which adhere to the RenderMan™ interface standard (RIB). (RenderMan is a registered trademark of Pixar.)

Camera lensing in Rhinoceros
How to calculate lensing for pre-visualization of non-standard cameras.

How to get solid models
A post from the Rhino newsgroup from Jeffrey Everett, July 15, 2005.

Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline (NURBS)
What are NURBs and why does Rhino use them?

'Future History': taking advantage of Rhino's Undo function

Hull Modeling and Naval Architecture With Rhino

pict_03_small.jpg This article offers an overview of several methods to design and model
ship hulls in Rhino including an overview of specific
Naval Architecture tools in Rhino to be able to design ships and yachts completely with Rhino.
Last update: November 8th 2010

How to create macros
A basic tutorial on writing macros (scripting of Rhino commands)

How to set up macros and scripts to run in Rhino
It's easy! This page explains how to do it.

Troubleshooting FARO USB connection problems
Installing FARO USB digitizer and troubleshooting problems.

3D Toolpath Milling with the Taig CNC Milling Machine
Nick Carter outlines the process of milling a part from Rhino on a taig mill.

Running Rhino on Windows Terminal Services
Learn why Rhino and Windows Terminal Services don't get along very well.

Rhino V4 is now Large Address Aware
Need more memory? Get access to an extra 1GB of memory on Win32 systems in Rhino V4 and V5.

Sectioning Tools for Rhino5
sectiontools is a plugin that helps create, edit, update, layout and report sections.

Using Rhino 4 with the Epilog laser cutter
Use Rhino's new features to drive the Epilog laser cutters.

Rhino to Google Earth

earth_small.jpg Export Rhino models to Google Earth.
Read an overview and use the tutorial to do it yourself.
Last update: April 29th 2007

Foreshortening Views Rhino 4 for Fairing
Use Rhino's new features to scale views for fairing lines.

Using Rhino 4 to drive Solidscape machines
Using Rhino 4's new ModelWorks command, expand what you can do with your SolidScape printer.

Advanced Filleting
When Rhino's automatic surface filleting tools don't get it done, here's how to finish the job.

The MeshToNurb command
What it is, what it isn’t. Much controversy and many support calls have arisen over the years concerning this command. This article will attempt to explain some of the workings of this useful but often misunderstood function.

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