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Summary: Rhino User's Hall of Fame
Note: Not to ruffle anyone's feathers, but it would be nice if entries here were limited to one short paragraph to allow space for all. If you want to write more about yourself and how you work with Rhino, please do so on the Customer Stories page (and include a link from your short bio here). Thanks.

IBV - Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia

The mission of the Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV) as a technological centre is to promote and undertake scientific research, technological development, technical advice and training in the area of Biomechanics.

Rhino is one of the key products used for research and commercial work at IBV. Acquired experience in shoe design and manufacturing resulted in the advanced tutorial CD Shoe Design and Visualization .

An example of a commercial sole and shoe was created by the IBV for the ART company. Rhino and Microscribe were used to digitize an existing last. Then the final last, sole and upper part were modeled in Rhino and Sensable and finally prototyped with a ZCorp color 3D printer.

Carlos B. Holanda

Olá sou Carlos B Holanda, sou modelador 3D, estou em Florianópolis-SC, Brasil e uso o Rhino em meu trabalho. Desenvolvo maquetes arquitetônicas, faço maquetes com perspectivas internas e externas. Trabalho com o Rhino há aproximadamente 5 anos e estou muito feliz com os resultados que obtenho com ele. Desenvolvo também a modelagem de produtos, embalagens, objetos, mas o meu forte mesmo é a criação das maquetes! Conheçam mais sobre meu trabalho acessando meu site

Muito obrigado e um grande abraço a todos!

Chris M. Jacobs

Chris has been using Rhino since the first beta release. He has taught Level II courses in Rhino, and continues to be an advocate to users all over the world who choose to use Rhino to visualize their creations. Chris is the co-founder and Creative Director of United Future, an interactive marketing and development firm in Culver City.

Recently, Chris used Rhino to design the packaging for the Word Ace game developed by inventor Ed Hall of American Inventor (the ABC show). Hall came in second place - but the package was first-rate!

Phillip Renato (Carrizzi)

I am an artist from and currently working in Michigan. I've been using 2D software as a graphic designer and as a layout tool in my 3D work since I was an undergraduate metalsmithing major. I've been using Rhino casually since getting a copy of the demo in 2000, but finally got serious about it in 2003 when the school where I teach jewelry design (Kendall College of Art and Design) purchased the first of our CNC milling machines, and eventually an Envisitiontec Perfactory RP system, Stratasys Dimension 1200SST, and LaserPro Elite LASER engraving/cutting system. I teach classes in, among other things, CAD/CAM for Metals/Jewelry Design and Production Multiples. I am also the chair of the 2008 SIGGRAPH Studio.

Douglas Bucci

Douglas Bucci is a metalsmith who obtained his MFA in 1998 from Tyler School of Art/Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Doug is currently teaching fulltime at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, as well as being a CAD/CAM/RP consultant and designer for several national companies. Doug has been involved in CAD/CAM since 1995, being introduced to this medium by a desire to be on the cutting edge of his field. Doug continues to produce his own original line pieces, all of which are digitally generated using Rhino software. In addition to CAD work, Doug has spent much of his time teaching metalsmithing and jewelry to a variety of age groups. He has been an instructor of Jewelry, Stone setting/ Lapidary, Metalsmithing, and Rhino at Moore College of Art & Design, Philadelphia, PA.

Find more about Doug's work at

Charles Ehrmann Industrial Designer

I'm a French industrial designer and I have been working with Rhino for six years.

I think Rhino is a great tool for my job. It's easy to create a model quickly and effectively.

I use Rhino professionaly and for my personnal works. I like this software.

Jack Meyer

I've been working with Rhino since 2004, but I've been working with 3D modeling professionally since 1999. Before retraining in London as a jewelry designer and blacksmith, I worked for a military contractor designing models and environments for real-time flight simulators.

Rhino was my gateway in to not only product design CAD, but also rapid prototyping as it applies to jewelry. This has now become the focus of my business. Since 2004, I have proceeded to gain certification in every other major CAD package currently used in the jewelry industry (as well as a few minor ones): 3Design CAD, Gemvision Matrix, ArtCAM Jewelsmith, Clay Tools (and Gemvision's version ClayTrix), and I'm currently working on certification in JewelCAD as well as DelCAM Designer. However, I still find myself coming back to Rhino time and time again thanks to its sheer flexibility and comparative ease of use.

Now, I offer CAD training in Rhino and several other CAD software packages through my company H3-D.

Marc Gibeault is a Rhino nut…

I'm in Montreal, working at Bombardier Aerospace ( ). I've been using Rhino since it was an AutoCAD plug-in…

I've studied industrial design, plastic processing, and moldmaking.

Mitch Heynick is a Rhinomaniac…

Using Rhino since V1.0 (1998), first to edit and prepare client files for CAM programming and CNC machining when I ran my own one man prototyping shop. Later (and still) Rhino reseller for French Switzerland - SwissRhino. Now managing the student architectural model shops, prototyping and teaching Rhino at the EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne). Frequently found hanging out on the Rhino newsgroup and editing this wiki. One of the founding members of the F.I.R.M. - Friendly International Rhino Maniacs. Annual meetings at the EuroMold fair in Frankfurt in early December.

Hello, my name is David and I'm a Rhinoholic…

I was about to give up on CG altogether when I discovered Rhino 1.0 during my first year at uni. I've used it extensively for architectural and urban projects and eventually discovered my true calling through RhinoScript. Since then I've written a handout about RhinoScript, gave a lecture in London, hosted a workshop in Vienna, and written hundreds of scripts for the public domain. Part of my site is dedicated to Rhino, scripting, and programming: In summer 2006 I was hired by Robert McNeel & Associates so now I'm officially a Rhino loonie.

John Cantu is a Rhinoholic taking it one day at a time…

I'm located in Seattle working at Delta Marine ( I've been using Rhino since v1.0 and have really become addicted. I also teach Rhino at Seattle Central Community College actively converting people to Rhino from their other 3D software (which is very easy). I have studied design, drafting, and art.

Jess Maertterer is a Rhino sapiens

Biologically a human classified as a sub-species of homo sapiens (latin: “thinkin man”): a bipedal primate belonging to the superfamily of Rhinoidea, which suffers from seeing isoparms on any 3D shape.

Wim Dekeyser, yes, a Rhino addict

I am an economist-turned-3D modeller after finding Rhino as an open beta before V1.0 came out. Living in Asker, Norway, I am currently a consultant working for FMC Kongsberg Subsea. I am Norway's second Rhino certified trainer.

Sam Page, recovering from a bad AutoCAD addiction with the help of Rhino

I'm a set designer for feature films working in the Los Angeles area. We use Rhino heavily for quickly generating models to fly the director and production designer through. Where Rhino becomes indispensable (like it isn't already) is when, as often is the case, we are doing something very free form and organic. Rhino not only allows us to model such complex forms, but also to section our models every which way to generate useful information for our construction departments.

I-macs Galicia I-macs is a Rhino user…

I'm in Manila, Philippines, working in a printing products company as a software specialist/R&D for 3D and large format printer products ( I've been using Rhino since 2002. I was a Graphics Technology Major in Mechanical at one of the best technical schools here in the Philippines (Technological University of the Philippines).

Marcus Liebich Marcus Liebich is riding the Rhino …

I am a product designer located in Bremen in Germany. I am addicted to rapid prototyping and CNC milling. I love to push Rhino to new features like the possibility to realise surface structures via procedural textures. This method (that I developed together with Clement Greiner) is introduced on my site WIREFX.

Heath Satow Just when I had given up on 3D …

I am a metal sculptor in the Los Angeles area and had been using 2D CAD products for years, but still had to build elaborate physical models to present my ideas to clients. I tried demos of just about every available 3D CAD product out there and decided that I would need to work in CAD full-time to become proficient enough to justify the use of the software. Then someone showed me Rhino, and I was hooked the first day… Here was a package I could really use for my work, without having to be a full-time CAD guy. It's revolutionized the way I create sculpture, and has kept me highly competitive in tough field. Almost all my work these days is designed and presented using Rhino, and you can see this work at

Jørgen Holo Dancing with Rhino…

Rhino entered my life as an early prerelease version in 1996 after I read an article about “NURBs for Windows” in what became 3D World. From that point on I was addicted and have used Rhino as my number 1 modeling program since. I use Rhino somewhere in all my design work, both for graphics and 3D production or visualization. I have been teaching Rhino in Norway for many years and have been a certified teacher for over two years. (So far only in Norwegian)

Keith Wilkinson Best known for…

Probably most noted for my work with Flamingo, much of which has probably been down to luck rather than judgment. Still, it has seen me through three years of business for very little financial outlay and I can get it to do pretty much what I want. Hoping to try and get as much as I can down in writing in the Flamingo section of the wiki. Generally very excited by the development of V4 and Brazil R/S as a rendering plug-in - exciting times for Rhinophiles everywhere I think!!

Phill Pittman - Carving with Rhino

My lifelong business of architectural carving and heroic scale sculpture took a whole new turn when I discovered Rhino. Soon after, I turned my very traditional carving studio into full time CNC carving, CAD development and production. From concept to rendering, I primarily design (and present) from within Rhino. I also keep quite busy in a product development and prototype arm of my business. Full scale auto body panels, small craft, statues, and surfboards keep life interesting. Contract architectural ornament design fufills my creative needs when I am not working on my full scale 3-D Last Supper. Hopefully I will get it finished (with the help of Rhino) before I kick off. I would have never gotten past first base without the newsgroup, a sincere thanks to all!

Jack Kunnen A Rhino-mold-design-phile…

I started using Rhino with version 1 Beta just to read in IGES files that Cadkey and Microstation won't. Now I'm doing all the 3D work for my mold and die cast die designs. I've found Rhino to be faster and more accurate than any of the CAD systems I've been trained on. I do like the feature trees of solid modelers, but these modelers still can't handle the surfaces on the parts I get to work with, only NURBs will to the trick. Can't wait for the release of version 4.

adidas cad-team

Our department is located in the adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach.

We have used Rhino since 2000 to model the complex designs of footware. Our daily business includes 3D scanning, e-mail communication with factories located in Asia, 3D printing on ZCorp and Objet and of course 3D modeling.

The adidas Rhino masters are:

top from left to right: Detlef, Bernd, Stefan, Luca, Manfred, Jan, Dirk, Erika; Reinhold, Thomas, Norbert, Tatjana

bottom from left to right: Frank, Peter, Niko, Jochen (Jörg, head of our department, Jutta, Ulrike and Tina are not on the picture)


G.C. Webster (Guilherme C. Webster)

Born 1983 and located in the south of Brazil, I'm an addicted Rhino user always looking for improvements. I started to work with it when the software was on the version 2.0.

For almost three years I worked developing 3D projects for brands such as adidas, Diadora, Clarks, and others. December 2004 I decided to learn VB / RhinoScript (using David's handout) to develop my own scripts. Since March 2006 I've dedicating myself mostly to my industrial design graduation studies, but Rhino still plays an important part in my life. Nowadays I can humbly consider myself an advanced user - but I'll never quit learning some more…

Olivier Suire Lightweight Rhino…

I am a designer in the field of tensile structures. I just can't do my job without Rhino. From the first pilot study to really tricky workshop drawing problems, Rhino rules. I use it in conjunction with SolidWorks, and they both communicate quite well. The Gelfling did a pretty amazing job in making my (work) life even better with a few of his magic scripts, but using his great scripting handout, I'm starting to do my own!

And this is what I do with Rhino when I'm not told what to do:

Gerard Petersen - Always looking for possibilities to apply Rhino

Rhino was the modeling tool for me to create an innovative hull form for a motorboat. ScheepsbouwKunst (The Art of Shipbuilding) is my bureau for maritime product development and developing the innovative motorboat. I have used Rhino throughout the complete proces of design, presentation, engineering, and manufacturing.

The RhinoCentre website, which I initiated, is a platform for Dutch Rhino users to share knowledge and experiences.

Take a look at ScheepsbouwKunst to see my product development activities.

Jakob Normand - I love my Rhino and often take it out for dinner and dancing

I've been training my Rhino since it was a tiny beta-baby and use I it as the most vital part of my job as an industrial designer at DNgroup and do a tiny bit of freelancing on the side, both designing and teaching.

Ivan Conrad Hansen 3D documentation of ancient wrecks. For doing that a combination of Rhino and Faro Arm is unique.

I have been using Rhino through the last five years. I'm using it together with a Faro Arm. I document ship timbers from the Viking age, bits and pieces from Stone age, and much more. We have to save our cultural inheritance, and here Rhino is very useful. A 3D recording saved in more than 35 different layers, on a platform we distribute to other countries. The idea is to make it easier to read drawings, made in different parts of Europe, and a result of that, is an easier way to analyse all the different wrecks, found in the mud.

Safak Cinar

A long time Rhino user from Calgary, I do programming and CAD/CAM at Intergold and teach a 3D modeling class built around Rhino at ACAD. A big thank you to McNeel for listening to their users.

Kristian Saarikorpi

I am a master goldsmith using Rhino and Flamingo for my jewelry design and manufacturing. My goal is to use modern technology and combine it with top skill handwork to obtain something new in the design field. I use Roland MDX-15, MDX-20, MDX-40, and JWX-10 milling machines for production and I also do this service for others. I have been hooked on Rhino since 1998.

Everything you see on is made with Rhino and Flamingo. Sorry the only language (at the moment) is Finnish… hope you understand. ;)

Joules Beech - Rhino nut in the UK

Located in South Yorkshire… I picked up Rhino V2.0 to have a play with and develop some mechanical models for my engineering hobby. Since then it has kind of expanded into rapid prototyping and playing with CNC toys.

Wyatt Turner Automotive design and Rhino nut…

I'm located in Seattle/Everett and Granite Falls, WA USA - working on various projects for freelance clients and a full time position at IBI Group. My Rhino skills get used a lot on my home business projects designing body surfaces for sports cars. Usually taking files from other software (chassis/existing body) and building upon them in Rhino. I also use a lot of other software, currently using Rhino, AutoCAD, Microstation, 3DStudio MAX, Brazil r/s, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Alexandre Galin

Based in Montreal, Canada, I'm an industrial designer working on future aircraft interior concepts for Bombardier Aerospace. I have been using Rhino since its first beta version. I use Rhino to build full scale mock ups and create photorealistic renderings. My web site address is

I can only say excellent things about Rhino and the team that supports its customers quickly and efficiently.

Koert Feenstra

Located in Hengelo, the Netherlands. I use Rhino in combination with Bongo. I animate optical illusions most of the time. My biggest project is about the Moiré-phenomena. Rhino and Bongo are the most user friendly designing software one can imagine.

Ted Kyte

I don't suffer from Rhino phobia, I enjoy it.

Located in Southern Alberta Canada, I design rodeo and livestock equipment around the world. I have used AutoCAD for 20 years and tried numerous other CAD packages. I heard about Rhino and downloaded the Version 3 demo and was simply amazed at its ease of use and the UI. I bought it the next day. I am normally a hard sell. I beat stuff up for a long time before I buy it and even then very seldom do.

I currently do a lot of 3D modeling with Rhino, some for my work, but mostly just for freelance, enjoyment, and for my web page.

I like the product so much that I have recently become a reseller and look forward to meeting and dealing with more Rhinophiles.

Another thing that stands out with the McNeel line of products is the support. They go way beyond the call of duty to keep customers happy.

I can't go a day without doing something with Rhino, hence the phobia… :)

If you would like to see some of my models, check out the web site. (

Fredrik Wenstøp

I started with Rhino in my happy and worry-free student years, and I'm still trying to quit.

The worst thing is that I got my younger brother hooked too, and now we are both using Rhino in our daily life.

-Yes even at work! We use it for modeling products and rapid prototyping.

Our web site is here:

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