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Install Error 1612: "The older version of Rhinoceros 5 Language Pack Installer (en-US) cannot be removed."

Or “Installation failed; exit code 1603”

Summary: How to fix the System Error 1612 or 1603.
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Rhino, Language Pack, or Help Media failed to install. The installer package may be corrupt or incomplete due to:

  • a virus detector left running
  • computer crashed
  • some other malware or program prevents the install

Also, reinstall or uninstall from Windows Programs and Features does not help.

Possible solution

  1. Use the utility to remove your problem Rhino installer that is giving you the error with the utility. For example, with Rhinoceros 5 Language Pack Installer (en-US). You can run the utility in manual or automatic mode.
  2. When you have removed the problem installer with the MS Utility, proceed to Install Rhino, Help, or Language Pack.
  3. Open Rhino and run ToolbarReset. Close Rhino.
  4. Reopen and test.

Still not working? That's frustrating – we're sorry! Please email any log files to

  1. Write down any error numbers and messages you see. Include Install Log and screen captures of errors.
  2. Email all this, the step you are on in this article, and your contact information to Tech Support.
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