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Debugging Installer Errors

Summary: Instructions for generating a log file from a .MSI installer (such as Rhino 4.0, 5.0, Flamingo 2.0, Brazil 2.0)


When I try to install the product, I get an installer error and the install does not complete.


Follow the procedure below to generate a text file which is a log of the actions that happen during the install, and then email the text file to McNeel Technical Support


  Rhinoceros 4.0 CD -- Name is "Rhino4_Setup.msi" in the Rhinoceros folder on the CD
  Rhinoceros 4.0 Evaluation -- Unzip the .EXE installer (like rh40eval_en_yyyymmdd.exe) and find the file "RHINO4_EVALUATION_EN.MSI"
  Rhinoceros 5.0 WIP/Beta -- Name is "rh50beta_x86_en_yyyymmdd_hhmm.msi"
  Flamingo 2.0 CD -- Name is "Flamingo2_Setup_English.msi" in the Flamingo folder on the CD
  Flamingo 2.0 Evaluation -- Unzip the .EXE installer (like fl20eval_en_yyyymmdd.exe) and find the file "FL20_.MSI"
  Brazil 2.0 CD -- Name is "Setup Brazil.msi" in the Brazil folder on the CD
  Brazil 2.0 Evaluation -- Unzip the .EXE installer (like brazil_evaluation_yyyymmdd.exe) and find the file "BRAZIL_2.0_ENGLISH.MSI"
  • Run DebugInstaller.exe by double-clicking on it on the desktop.
  • Drag the installer .MSI file onto the window with the title McNeel Install Debugger.
  • The install process will start. Proceed forward until the error is encountered and continue until the installer stops.
  • On your desktop find the new .txt file named the same as the .MSI installer file but with the extension .txt (example: Rhino4_Setup.txt). The icon looks like a spiral-bound notepad. The file extension may not show.
  • Email that .txt file to McNeel Technical Support at
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